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Homeschool evaluation is an ongoing task to achieve the highest quality! Re-evaluate your situation regularly after you have started. Make sure you are still meeting any state or district requirements. Check your state requirements to see if they have changed. How it the quality and quantity of school work been going? How is the student attitude and perspective? Assess the overall family health. Has there been an improvement or deterioration with quality of life for each family member, including yourself? What changes might improve your homeschooling experience?

For homeschool evaluation of academics, use an annual achievement test that is not connected to your curriculum, so you can measure strengths and weaknesses of annual growth. The goal of an achievement test is not to prove to others the student is learning! An achievement test is to show the teacher what areas or concepts the student is average, above average, or below average. With homeschooling, you are the teacher! An achievement test is a great way to help the student get the best education. One of us has over 25 years of school administration experience in multiple schools. Most of the time, schools and teachers do not take the time to adjust individual student teaching based on achievement test results! They just do not have time to give that kind of individual attention. You do! Add a supplement when necessary. Pay a little closer attention when the student is working on a particular subject. Maybe introduce an incentive or reward for a particular subject or concept section.

Look for an online school that includes an achievement test in their tuition cost. A school that doesn’t encourage achievements testing is a red flag. At least look for a program that offers it as an option service. There are achievement tests available that are designed for homeschool evaluation. Just search for one.

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